Sunday, October 26, 2008

What Does a Dietitian Eat? (Day 5)

Here is the fifth day of what I eat.

Friday October 24th
  • Breakfast - Muesli with pear
  • Lunch - Turkey sandwich on pumpernickel bagel with Havarti cheese, mustard, tomato, pickles, and lettuce (about 2/3 of the sandwich...Hil ate the other 1/3); bagel chips with light veggie cream cheese; water
  • Snack - Iced latte with skim milk and fat-free condensed milk
  • Dinner - Salad with chicken, butter lettuce, yellow bell pepper, feta, croutons, and oregano-Dijon-lemon vinaigrette; water
  • Snack - 2 cream cheese stuffed oatmeal cookies

Approximately: 1929 calories (33% fat, 20% protein, 47% carbs); 25 g saturated fat (12%), 163 mg cholesterol, 16 g fiber, 1165 mg calcium

My target numbers: 45 - 65% carbs, 20 - 35% fat, 10 - 35% protein (less than 10% saturated), at least 25 g fiber, less than 300 mg cholesterol, at least 1000 mg calcium

Comments: Fridays are my day off. I don't set foot in the dance studio and I get to run all of my errands. If there is a home LSU game on Saturday then I also bake...I always bring some sort of "treat" to the game for our tailgate party. This Friday was no exception. I woke up and went to the grocery store to get things I needed for the game and my weekend guests (my dad and Jessica, my dietitian sister-in-law) and then met my dad for lunch at New York Bagel. I love bagel sandwiches, but only eat them occasionally because it's a lot like eating a sandwich with 4 pieces of bread (plus they give you bagel chips...5 piece of bread!?!)

I didn't have 2 snacks like I usually do because I was planning on taste-testing the cookies for dessert. I'm also notorious for snacking on the batter as I make the cookies (I should chew gum while I bake!). Unlike on Thursday, I planned ahead.

The cookies were not healthy by any means, but I did make some healthier changes: 1) replaced some of the AP flour with whole wheat pastry flour, 2) eliminated 1/4 cup sugar and 1/4 cup butter, 3) used 2 eggs and 2 whites instead of 3 eggs, and 4) used 1/3 less fat cream cheese. As a rule of thumb, I always remove a quarter of the sugar and fat when I bake (unless the recipe is from or another healthy source). I also replace a few of the yolks with whites and try to use part whole wheat pastry flour. Here are more healthy recipe substitutions. I didn't calculate the nutrition info for the cookies, so my daily nutrition totals are not very accurate (I used the nutrition info from Little Debbie Oatmeal creme pies...that's what the cookies remind me of!)

It was another high saturated fat day...Havarti, cream cheese, feta, and cookies made with butter. I need to try to pay more attention to my daily cheese intake and not let this get to be a habit...having cheese on both my sandwich and salad needs to stop.

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  1. Hi! I stumbled upon your blog on google reader's recommend sites. I love how you are documenting how you, as a dietician eats. I'm trying to lose a lot of weight, and this is giving me some new, fresh ideas for my weekly menus. Thanks!

    If you want to see my food blog, I moved from blogger not too long ago. I'm at