Sunday, May 10, 2009

JazzyBird Coffee

I love coffee!  But I'm not very good at making it...I could blame it on my cheap, 4 cup coffee maker, but honestly I think it's my fault.  I never seem to get the coffee to water ratio right and I don't make it very much so I don't get alot of practice.  

Or maybe that's just an excuse, and I really just like buying my coffee.  My two birthday coffee gift cards are almost used up, and since it has been warm lately I've been making my favorite cold brewed  iced coffee.  Until yesterday that is...

When I was at Whole Foods this week, there was a vendor,JazzyBird Coffee, set up sampling their espresso.  Their niche in the coffee market is one I haven't seen before...frozen espresso shots that you can defrost and turn into either a hot or an iced drink.  And they are so good!  You know I love short ingredients lists...theirs?  Ingredients:  100% Arabica coffee, water.  They are a local company (Gonzales, LA), which I like too.

A box of 8 shots sells for $5.99, but they gave me a $1-off coupon...$4.99 for 8 lattes (plus the cost of milk and sugar).  At Starbucks I pay 4 something for one grande...I'm saving so much money (except now I might have one everyday, whereas with Starbucks, I only go once or twice a week).

You can only find these in certain areas in Louisiana (and 2 places in Mississippi), but you can order a case online.
Give it a try!

Happy Mother's is an old post that I originally wrote on Mother's day last year when I was in Houston and then re-used this past November on the anniversary of my mom's death.  Happy Mother's day mom...I miss and love you!

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