Monday, November 28, 2011

Lettuce for Salads

Lettuce 4

I go through a lot of lettuce…3 romaine hearts a week…all by myself!  I don’t buy pre-chopped lettuce for several reasons…it goes bad fast, its more expensive, and I’d have to buy several bags to last me for a week. 

Romaine is my go-to…I buy spinach about once a month and eat spinach salads for that week (and drink green smoothies).  I hardly ever buy spring mix…it goes bad sooooo fast!  Sometimes I’ll do butter lettuce or arugula.

I also always wash my lettuce, but I don’t use a salad spinner…I’ve never owned one (never will either).  I use a trick my mom taught me! 

Lettuce 1

After chopping and washing my lettuce (when I’m serving salad to others, say for a party, I typically tear my lettuce…but chopping is good enough for just me), I drain it for a while in a large colander. 

Then I pour the lettuce into a pillow case (a clean one that I only use for lettuce drying), tie a knot at the opening, and put it in the washing machine on the end spin cycle!  Genius right?  Its like a giant salad spinner!

Lettuce 2

You have to make sure that you use the final spin cycle so that the lettuce doesn’t get “rinsed” again.  And note…I’m not talking about the dryer…I’ve shared this tip with someone before (Mel) who thought that I dried my lettuce in the dryer!

Lettuce 3

I store my lettuce in one of the large plastic container you can get spinach and mixed greens in at Whole Foods.  It holds 3 romaine hearts perfectly.  Happy salad making : )

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  1. I've never heard of spinning a salad that way before, and I definitely might have to try this! And I feel you on precut greens - I don't purchase those, either, and we generally get a TON of spinach throughout the month because that's my fave.