Monday, November 01, 2010

All Saints Day

I love when the first of the month falls on a Monday…it feels like such a fresh start…perfect opportunity for someone to get back on track (in more than one way). 

Someone (me) had a party filled weekend, which means lots of “party” food and beverages.  And I may or may not have had a Rally’s burger (w cheese…and fries!) last night after the Saints win over the Steelers…that is what exhaustion does to me! 

But today is the first and I’m about to head to the grocery so I can fill my fridge with healthy things and starting today I can get back on track (and feel better…fast food makes me feel sick!).  And I’m going to mass…fresh start number 2.

It’s All Saints Day, the day my mom passed away 6 years ago.  Time flies, but then again, it doesn’t.  It seems like forever ago on that Saturday night in Tiger Stadium where I saw her for the last time as I marched out with the GG’s.  The next night was Halloween and that was the last time I talked to her.  Seems like a lifetime ago…

atlantic city

Here is the post I wrote 2 years ago remembering her “food” influences.  And all other posts where I mention her for one reason or another.

Chicken Salad
Mother’s Day
Spaghetti Sauce
Spice Cake

I miss my mom everyday, but thankfully she still has a huge influence on my life.  This was written on her online “remembrance book”, I love this story…so true:

While the services for Sherrie were being held, one of the mourners was having difficulty with his leg while in church. He went outside of St. Peter's church so that he could not disturb others. As he stood in front of St Peter's Church a student from St. Peter's school was driving by with his mother. The mother stopped the car so the young man could go and ask why there were so many cars in all directions. The young boy asked the gentleman, "Is this a funeral?" to which the gentleman replied, "Yes." Then the young man asked, "Was it a celebrity?" The gentleman replied, "Yes"!


  1. blair,
    thanks for sharing that wonderful story.

  2. Beautifully written, Blair...beautifully. Your mom would be so proud of the woman (the always dancing, ever cooking, faithfully supporting, and yes, even cheeseburger eating woman) that you have become. I love your mom's legacy, the character that she instilled within you, and the way that you're continue to allow her celebrity status to influence lives. I'm looking at my "Ask Him" quote book now and thinking of her and you. I miss you and am so proud of you.

  3. Beautiful post Blair. I love the picture of you and your mom.