Monday, November 22, 2010

Deliciously Golden…on TV!

Last Thursday I filmed a TV segment for the show Across Louisiana on the local Cox station.  The topic?  Healthy holiday eating of course!  The show will air on channel 4 each morning this week at 8:00 am.  If you can’t tune it, here's a recap of what I covered:

1.  The week of Thanksgiving try to eat “extra healthfully” at all the meals YOU have control of…the ones you eat at home or by yourself.

2.  The day of Thanksgiving, eat breakfast (and lunch if you have Thanksgiving at dinner).  Skipping a meal will only make you hungrier and then you will end up overeating.  For me? I’ll either have yogurt and fruit or oatmeal with fruit and milk (fiber/carbs & protein).  We eat our Thanksgiving meal at noon.  Then I’ll have a light dinner…salad most probably!

3.  At the meal, choose the food that you can’t have on a regular basis and the items that you love.  Skip the everyday dishes…for me that’s mashed potatoes and gravy…I can have that whenever I want.  But if you love mashed potatoes and gravy with your turkey, then go for it, and pass on something else.  Load up on the lean, protein packed turkey and any fresh vegetables that there might be.

4.  Keep portions small.  Serve yourself a “taste” of everything.  You can always go back for seconds.  But, If you put it on your plate you will more than likely eat it…ALL of it! 

5.  Offer to bring a lighter side dish.  A non-casserole vegetable!  I’m the salad girl at all family holiday meals.  That way I know that there will be a healthy, delicious side item that I can fill my plate with. 

6.  If you love dessert, then SAVE room for it.  During the main part of the meal, don’t go back for seconds or pass on the store bought dinner rolls…and then enjoy your dessert!

7.  Get back on track.  The NEXT day.  Don’t wait until Monday to end the holiday eating. 

Remember, holiday weight gain doesn’t happen because of one meal…its the combination of lots of “holiday” meals/snacks/treats.  Here’s an old post on holiday eating.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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