Friday, June 26, 2009

EDF July/August

I've recently started going back through all of my Everyday Food magazines (I have the entire set...issues 1 through 64). My plan is to make a list of recipes that I want to try from all of the past magazines corresponding to the current month.

I love this magazine, but don't cook from it very often. The recipes are mostly quick and easy (hence the title, Everyday Food), and many of them are relatively healthy. Why don't I use these recipes on a regular basis?

I'm going to share this list with you! I'll be doing it at the beginning of every month to inspire you with tasty, seasonal recipes. And throughout the month, if I cook any of them I'll let you know how it goes. You should do the same...leave a comment if you try any of them!

One thing to note, Martha sometimes uses more oil and other high fat ingredients a little to judiciously, so I usually cut back. This will save you a few grams of fat and reduce the total calories in the dish as a result. I'll offer suggestions for changes I would make.

Here is my list for the July/August EDF (some of the recipes weren't on, but I found them on another blog/website):

- per serving: 278 cal, 18 g fat, 21.7 g pro, 8.4 g carbs
- suggested changes: omit the canola oil from the Asian Cilantro sauce

- per serving: I'll let you know once I make it!
- suggested changes: use boneless-skinless chicken breasts; marinate at least 1 hour...overnight would probably be the best; for the grilled veggies use 2 tablespoons of oil or less

- per serving: 298 cals, 2.8 g fat, 6 g pro, 64.4 g carbs
- suggested changes: if the berries are really sweet, you probably won't need as much sugar...I would start with 1/4 cup and then taste to see if more is needed

- per serving: 414 cals, 17 g fat, 55 g pro, 3.3 g carbs
- suggested changes: you end up with 8 rolls total, but it makes 4 could eat just 1 and cut the calories in half

- per serving: 336 cals, 18 g fat, 36.5 g pro, 6.2 g carbs, 1.6 g fiber
- suggested changes: omit one of the tablespoons of oil

- per serving: 391 cals, 12.7 g fat, 36.6 g pro, 33.6 g carbs, 1.8 g fiber
- suggested changes: none

- per serving: 236 cals, 16.6 g fat, 9.6 g pro,15.3 g carbs, 3.1 g fiber
- suggested changes: I would scrape the gills out of the mushroom; only use 1 teaspoon of oil per mushroom; I might saute the leeks and spinach before adding to the mushrooms

- per serving: 569 cals, 14.7 g fat, 32.1 g pro,75.2 g carbs, 5.1 g fiber
- suggested changes: these numbers are assuming that you use a really big roll (think a little smaller than a Subway 12-inch)...use something more reasonable like a hamburger bun or half of a larger roll and save almost 200 calories

- per serving: 71 cals, 2.9 g fat, 2.2 g pro,11 g carbs, 2.6 g fiber
- suggested changes: none

- per serving: 199 cals, 13.5 g fat (5.3 sat), 7.1 g pro,15 g carbs, 2 g fiber
- suggested changes: none...maybe a little less feta; I've seen this combination several time, but have never tried it...sounds interesting!

- per serving (2 tablespoons): 100 cals, 10 g fat (1.6 g sat), 2 g pro, 1.5 g carbs, 0.5 g fiber
- suggested changes: none...just be sure to serve it over something low-fat...chicken, fish, pasta

- per serving: 218 cals, 5.5 g fat (0.7 g sat), 6.6 g pro, 35.8 g carbs, 2.7 g fiber
- suggested changes: if you can find it, use whole wheat orzo

- per serving: 185 cals, 7.4 g fat (1.7 g sat), 25.2 g pro, 4 g carbs, 0 g fiber
- suggested changes: none

Curried Eggplant Salad with Peas and Cashews
- per serving: 260 cals, 17.4 g fat, 6.6 g pro,24.2 g carbs, 10.2 g fiber
- suggested changes: use less oil when roasting the eggplant...about 1/2 a tablespoon per baking sheet

Eggplant Salad with Tomatoes and Basil
- per serving: 170 cals, 11.9 g fat, 2.9 g pro,16.2 g carbs, 8.6 g fiber
- suggested changes: use less oil when roasting the eggplant...about 1/2 a tablespoon per baking sheet

- per serving (w/o bread): 433 cals, 18.9 g fat, 45.1 g pro, 22.6 g carbs, 3.9 g fiber
- suggested changes: halve the sugar...only use 2 tablespoons

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