Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Summer Smoothies

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I am on a total smoothie kick!  I can't remember the last time had oatmeal for probably has a lot to do with the weather, but I'm just not craving it right now.

Every morning I start my day off with a 4 mile run around the LSU lakes.  I eat a little fruit beforehand so that I'm not running on an empty stomach.  When I get back home I'm pretty hungry and a cold, creamy smoothie is the only think I can think about.

Sometimes I'll get a smoothie from Smoothie King instead of making one.  I always order it "skinny" which means it is only sweetened with honey and they don't add the turbinado (a type of sugar).  It definitely makes the drink less sweet (which I'm used to), but for a 20 oz smoothie it saves about 50 - 100 calories (depending on which one you order).  And I only get 20 oz smoothies...anything more is WAY to much.

Right now, my favorite smoothie from SK is Mangosteen Madness.
w/ turbinado: 383 cals, 92 g sugar
w/o turbinado: 283 cals, 69 g sugar
Honestly, even without the turbinado, that is too much sugar!  Even if some of it is natural and come from fruit or dairy.  That's why I make my own most of the time (and why I NEVER get a 32 oz or a 40 oz).  

I also don't get the protein powder that is standard in lots of the smoothies.  Most of these powders have artificial sweeteners, which I don't trust/use.  SK couldn't provide me with an ingredient list to confirm this, so I'll just do without it.

Here is a list of smoothies from SK that are "better" choices.  What makes it a better choice?
- no more than 5 g fat
- no more than 400 calories with turbinado and no more than 300 calories without it
- not a "build-up" smoothie...who needs tons of processed protein in their smoothie?
- contains "fruit"...but really it's fruit juice and/or puree (with added sugar I'm sure)
This list is sorted by calories without turbinado from low to high; vwft = varies with fruit/flavor choice; the first number is calories with turbinado and the second is calories without.  If your favorite smoothie isn't on the list click here to figure out which "rule" it broke.
Slim-N-Trim – Vanilla: 253, 153
Youth Fountain: 253, 153
Pineapple Pleasure: 280, 180
Slim-N-Trim – Chocolate: 297, 197
Smarti Tarti (12oz kids): 200, 200
Green Tea Tango (vwfc): 304, 204
Peach Slice: 314, 214
Slim-N-Trim – Orange/Vanilla: 215, 215
Lil’ Angel (12oz kids): 223, 223
Island Treat: 333, 233
Celestial Cherry High: 341, 241
Choc-A-Laka (12oz kids): 252, 252
Angel Food: 354, 254
Yogurt Delight (vwfc): 356, 256
Lemon Twist – Banana: 358, 258
Muscle Punch: 364, 264
Blackberry Dream: 365, 265
Gimmie Grape (12oz kids): 265, 265
Muscle Punch Plus: 366, 266
CW Jr. (12oz kids): 270, 270
Slim-N-Trim – Strawberry: 375, 275
Berry Interesting (12oz kids): 277, 277
Immune Builder: 380, 280
Mangosteen Madness: 383, 283
Mangofest: 285, 285
Raspberry Sunrise: 392, 292
Caribbean Way: 395, 295
Light & Fluffy: 395, 295
Passion Passport: 395, 295
Grape Expectations: 398, 298
Berry Stimulating Mate: 348, 298
But what I really want to encourage you to do is make your own!  Some smoothie tips:  1) use frozen fruit to make the smoothie extra thick and icy (kind of like a milkshake without the ice cream), 2)  add the sugar (or other sweetener) may not need it...but if you do keep it to 1 tbsp or less, and 3) watch the calories...if its a snack, less than 250 calories and if its a meal, less than 400 calories.  I've already written about my favorite banana smoothie, but here are some recipes to inspire you!

By the way, some of these have tofu as an ingredient...if that scares you (and it shouldn't) you can leave it out an add yogurt instead.  If the smoothie isn't sweet enough when you taste it, add sugar 1 tsp at a time, but give yourself a limit of 3 tsp (that equals a tbsp).  

* These smoothies are a little higher in fat because of the your serving size!


  1. Your forgot your Cottage Cheese and Cherry smoothie recipe that I have come to love! Remind me to share with you my mango smoothie recipe with agave nectar!

  2. Yum! I can't wait to try out these recipes! I just stole my parents Vitamix so I see lots of smoothies in my future :)