Thursday, August 27, 2009

What Does a Dietitian Eat? (Day4)

Thursday, August 27th
  • Pre-run snack - peach
  • 4 mile run
  • Post-run breakfast - strawberry apricot smoothie (1/2 cup apricot nectar, 1/2 cup skim, 1/4 cup yogurt, 1/4 cup cottage cheese, 1 cup frozen strawberries, 2 tsp sugar, lots of ice); handful of walnuts
  • Lunch - Mozzarella, tomato, pesto panini; eggplant dip with cucumbers
  • Snack - Iced latte (CC's...grande, skim, splash of half&half, pkt of sugar)
  • Teach from 4:30 - 10:30 pm (had an apple around 9 pm)
  • Dinner - chicken sate salad; carrots and eggplant dip
  • Snack - foldover cream cheese & banana sandwich! (1 slice whole wheat bread, 1 oz light cream cheese, 1/2 mashed banana, sprinkle cinnamon sugar...of course pressed on the George Foreman); skim milk
All I'm going to say is today was a LONG's 11:00 pm and I just got home and just ate dinner! Good thing I had healthy food ready to go in the fridge...if I hadn't no telling what I would have devoured!

I'm sure you've noticed I eat the same things several times during the week, but next week these will be completely different. I try to have variety from week to week...not day to day. When I cook something I do the whole recipe, even though I'm only cooking for me. So I always have leftovers. But they are really yummy leftovers so I don't mind eating them again and again. Sometimes I freeze things too.

As for my last snack, that was a spur-of-the-moment, I'm-craving-something-sweet idea. And it was so GOOD! Spread the cream cheese on 1 slice bread; mash 1/2 a banana and spread it over the cream cheese; sprinkle with cinnamon sugar; and grill. What a treat!


  1. How was that eggplant dip? I've seen the recipe before but never got the motivation to make it ah ha.

    Enjoy your weekend, get some good sleep!