Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I Love This Quote!

"There's a difference between deprivation and discipline. Discipline means being aware of our needs, and being able to identify true needs verses things that we're simply craving at the moment."
I love that! It was on one of the many blogs I follow. Mark Bittman, who is quoted, writes a column for the NY Times. He was being interview on his new semi-vegetarian life style and whether or not it is difficult for him to stick with it.
I think it can be applied to healthy eating in general. If most of the time you eat foods that are healthful (those things you "need") and save foods you "crave" for special treats, 2 things will happen:

1. your overall diet will become more healthful (which could help you lose weight if you are trying), and
2. you will probably start to "crave" foods that are more nutritious.

I also think that sometimes you "need" to eat a food that you are "craving"...like a piece of cake, or some ice cream, or a bacon cheese burger...but only occasionally so that you really enjoy it! For a special treat! If you treat yourself everyday then it's not special anymore.

So next time you pass on ice cream after dinner and have a piece of fruit instead, you aren't depriving yourself, you are showing discipline and having what your body "needs"!


A few weeks ago Mark Bittman wrote an article, 101 Simple Salads for the Season and alot of the recipes look really good! Actually, they aren't even recipes, just ideas to inspire you!

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  1. I'm planning on making some of these salad recipes this/next weekend! I like the quote, too.