Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What I Eat (Day 2)

  • Breakfast: same as yesterday - overnight oats plus half of a pear, 16 oz water; coffee (Cool Brew, 6 oz milk, 2 tsp half & half, 1 tsp condensed milk)
  • Lunch: same as yesterday - Salmon Nicoise Salad; water; mini Larabar; iced coffee (same as above minus condensed milk)
  • Taught 3:30 – 10:30 (had an apple and about 30 oz water…and cookie cake!)
  • Dinner: Split pea soup; 16 oz water; carrots and hummus; spoon of pimento cheese (homemade…more on that tomorrow); orange

I really should just move into the studio…I was there from 11:30 – 1:30 and then again from 3:30 – 10:30.  LONG DAY.  Hence the two cups of coffee??  Only one of them was sweetened though!

photo (6)

After lunch I was craving something sweet.  I love Larabars and the minis are even better because they are perfect for a small snack (or sweet treat).  The regular sized ones are better for a more substantial snack (they run about 200 calories).  The ingredient list is the best part (besides the taste…mine was cherry pie):

dates, almonds, unsweetened cherries…THE END!

I love that these bars are REAL FOOD…no artificial anything!

I really don’t get hungry when I’m teaching, but I took Hip Hop on my break tonight (great class! more of a workout than my four mile run yesterday) and felt like I needed a little quick energy to get me through it.  Of course I had an apple in my purse.  Later in the night it was someone’s birthday and I couldn’t resist the cookie cake.  I love cookie cake!

photo (5)

The split pea soup was frozen from last time I made it…so while I was waiting for it to defrost (I didn’t plan ahead) I snacked on carrots and hummus.  And then the pimento cheese.  This was at 10:45pm and I was starving! 

Fruit for dessert…I’ve already had cake!


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  1. Wow, that's a long day in the studio. I love Larabars!!! They make the perfect snack.