Saturday, August 07, 2010

What I Eat (Day 5,6, & 7)

Did I promise a few days ago that I would blog everyday?  My brother, Adam, called this morning to remind me that I did…and that I have skipped 2 days.  What can I say, I’m a busy girl.

Thursday was a long day.  Private dance lessons in the morning and afternoon, taught from 5 – 630, drove to Mandeville for Saintsation practice and was back in Baton Rouge by midnight.  And in the middle of all this found out Adam was in the hospital with chest pain (he’s fine…nothing to worry about). 

photo (4)

I had a normal breakfast (yogurt and fruit…in bed), lunch (salad), and I packed dinner for in the car on the way to practice.  Edamame & cucumbers and an English muffin with almond butter and peach jam.  And an apple if I was still hungry.  Planning ahead is the key to healthy eating!!

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After practice I was craving something sweet (we had cuts and that always stresses me out).  You will never guess what I got…a McDonald’s McFlurry!  With Reeses!  Told you I don’t always eat perfectly!

As far as yesterday…I have no excuse for not blogging!  Latte and fruit for breakfast.  Then headed to the studio.  I finally got a workout in, made a peach/yogurt smoothie and then took it with me to the pool to lay out (apartment living does have a few perks…still miss my house though!).  Lunch was an almond butter and peach jam sandwich.  And then I was just lazy on the couch working on some nutrition stuff (meal plans for people I’m working with).  Dinner was a repeat…quinoa over romaine with avocado.  And a little granola and milk for dessert! 

Today I woke up and headed to the farmers’ market.  LOVE.  Picked up an apple crostata for breakfast while I was there (plus a peach before at home).  Other purchases:  peaches, cantaloupe, tomatoes and eggplant.  After that, back to the studio for more privates!

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Lunch was left over quinoa, turned into cakes!  Mixed about a cup of leftover quinoa with 1 egg and 1 tbsp flour and fried them up…served over a salad of course. 

P8071576 P8071577P8071578

I had to run to whole foods to pick up a few veggies for the salad (from the salad bar: shredded carrots, broccoli, and jicama plus a few tomatoes) and a lime for the dressing (equal parts lime & olive oil with a little honey, cumin, salt and pepper). 

P8071579 P8071580 P8071581 P8071582 P8071583 P8071584

And I got a banana lassi…couldn’t resist! It’s really sweet and thick (made with whole milk and Greek yogurt) so I thinned it out with a little milk.  Perfect treat while I type!  I’m only drinking half…the rest is for tomorrow. 


Tonight I have an engagement party to attend, so there’s no telling what I’ll eat/drink.  I’ll probably eat a piece of fruit before so that' I’m not starving when I get there.  I promise it won’t be a late night though.  I have to be in New Orleans at 7am for the Junior Saintsation Clinic…am I ready to be with 500+ little girls that early in the morning?  Hope so!

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