Monday, August 09, 2010

What I Eat

Football season is when I turn into a to-do list person…if I don’t, I run out of hours in the day.  And don’t have things done in time.  And end up staying up late.  For example, yesterday I woke up at 4:30 am, was in New Orleans by 7:00am (with a Starbucks grande soy latte and apple in hand), and stayed at the practice facility for the Jr Saintsation clinic until about 2:30 (I had a slice of Rotolo’s cheese pizza during the lunch break).  On the way back to Baton Rouge, I grabbed lunch (Subway turkey sandwich on wheat with cheese, mustard, lettuce, cucumber, tomato and black pepper; sun chips) and coffee #2…I was already anticipating the long night. 

I had 2 clients today and hadn’t been able to work on their nutrition analyses all weekend.  So when I arrived back at my apartment around 5:30pm I got to work…and continued working until past midnight (I stopped for dinner…had the last of the quinoa with some carrots and edamame hummus).  This morning I woke up early to finish.  I need more non-tired hours in the day!

After my meeting I needed a nap, but I also needed groceries…so I went to the store first (gotta have food!) and then took a quick nap.  Before heading to the studio I made peach-pecan chicken salad (recipe coming tomorrow or Wednesday), had lunch, and worked on a little choreo.  Studio from 3:30 – 9:30…and now I’m home!  Another busy day tomorrow, and then Wednesday I can finally relax (and sleep).  Oh the life of a teacher/choreographer/dietitian.
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  • breakfast – Wallaby vanilla and a peach; water
  • pre-nap snack – fig and piece of French bread
  • lunch – grilled cheese, tomato, and pesto sandwich or French; water
  • snack – half of the usual latte; water
  • dinner – peach-pecan chicken salad (veggies include celery and shredded carrots) over romaine; a fig; chocolate covered cranberries from Nantucket; water
I have a stove top grill pan that fits over 2 burners.  But when I’m grilling something small (and want to press it) I use my All-Clad panini pan.  Love it!  I got it either from TJ Maxx or Marshall’s when I lived in Houston. 

I make a huge batch of pesto each summer and freeze it in mini-muffin tins…and then once the little discs are solid pop them in a zip-top bag.  Pesto year round!  I can’t stand store bought pesto! 
The chicken salad is incredible (thanks to the perfectly summer-sweet peaches).  One of my favorite dancer moms told me about this recipe (remember, the one who makes the chicken and feta tabbouleh?), but I couldn’t find it online so I improvised.  Once she makes me a copy of the recipe I’ll have to compare.  I’ll have the recipe to you ASAP.


  1. That grilled cheese and pesto sandwich looks amazing!

  2. Why am I just finding this blog??!!!! LOVE IT!!!

    ~Kristin Stutes Brinson